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How it's going to go down

Show Floor Areas


Come in cosplay, because why not. And we'll have the greatest Cosplay competition in Africa

Vendors Booths

All things geek culture: Computers, Merch, Games, Comic books, hoodies, T-Shirts, Posters...

POSTER colour_01_phase 2.png


Get to learn from the industry leaders. In Animation and VFX, Illustration and Game development

Artists Alley

Indie creators showcasing their designs, merch, and awesome works.

Love Performace

By The OG: Kaligraph Jones and Femi One


eSports tournaments. Taking the digital entertainment scene by storm.

Q&A Panel

Topical discussion around the creator economy.




1O:00 AM  |  Doors Open
10:00 AM  |  LAN Party Registration Begins
10:30 AM  |  Console Easy Game Zone Opens-Mortal Kombat, Tekken , Fifa etc
11 AM- 12:30  |  Italian Movie showing - Actual Film
11AM - 6PM  |  NAICCON Networks
12 NOON - 2PM  |  The Fandom hangout : Games, movies , trivias, karaoke, giveaways etc
12:30PM - 1:30 PM  |  Workshop: The Art of Illustration with Italian Illustrator  Mr.Daniele Statella
1PM -5PM  |  COD Mobile Finals
2PM - 4PM |  Gaming Challenges with giveaways- Fifa, Takken, Mortal Kombat

2PM - 3:30AM  |  Panel Discussion 2: Content Creator Economy

2PM- 3:30PM  |  KIDSCON (Kids cosplay Showcase, Art classes, Movie)

3PM -4:30PM  |  Canon Workshop

3:30PM -  4:30PM  |  Animated Movie - LUCA

4PM - 5PM  |  Casual Cosplay Showcase / VX Comics Presentation (By Somto)

4PM - 5PM  |  Panel Presentation : VFX vs ANIMATION

5:30PM - 7PM  |  Fim Festival

1O:00 AM  |  Doors Open
12:00 PM - 6PM  |  NAICCON Networks
12:00PM - 1:30PM  |  Panel Discussions :The African Comic Book Scene
12 NOON- 2PM  |  Anime / Manga Community Hangout
1PM - 5PM  |  Pubg Tournament
2PM - 3:30PM  |  Panel Discussion 2:  Esports / Game Development
2PM - 4PM  |  Gaming Challenges with giveaways- Fifa, Takken, Mortal Kombat
3:30PM - 5PM |  Cosplay Competition

4:30PM - 5:00PM  |  Meet and Greet: Femi & OG

5:15PM - 6:15PM  |  Femi One and Kaligraph Perfomances

6:20PM - 7PM  |  AWARDS (Barasa Awards, Film Awards, VX Creator Series Awards, Cosplay Awards)

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