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Wonder Woman is coming soon, but...

2020 has been a bad time for movie studios and even though most movies have had the unfortunate choice to delay their blockbuster debut in cinemas or a direct launch in streaming services, Wonder Woman might have the most regret out of this pandemic

The movie was first announced to come out on December the 13th of 2019, but was later pushed to an earlier November 1st date. However, during the lead up the movie, WB choose to delay it to June 2020 which would come exactly three years after the first with the hopes of replicating or even surpassing the $821 million summer box office.

With the covid 19 pandemic cutting off almost all theatres in the world, the movie has been pushed further and further in the span of the year to august then October and finally December 2020. Unfortunately, Now, that some countries are

on the brink of a second wave, fear that a further push might make the movie grow stale in the eyes of the audience, the studio has decided to release it on both HBOmax and cinemas where the streaming service is not available.

This a slight win for warner media in places where hbomax is available because it will increase interest just as Hamilton and Mulan did for Disney plus but comes at a disadvantage in places without the streaming service and cinemas closed. As Rich Greenfield, a media analyst at LightShed Partners, told Variety "They're going to make less money for the greater good of building HBO Max.” "This is putting the long-term future of the company ahead of profits." The move is "far less about driving new subscribers as it is getting people to know HBO Max exists," Greenfield added. "They have people who pay for HBO Max and don't use it. The whole initiative is getting people over to Max."

With the release coming on December 25, and no African country yet with the rights to stream from HBOmax, there is hope it will be made available in our cinemas, those open at the time, to experience the movie as intended.

We too have a role to play. Be safe, wear a mask, sanitize and follow all government directives to keep the numbers down, and our cinemas open.

By Kelvin Kyle

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