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NAICCON (Nairobi Comic Convention) is a platform for creatives in the digital arts to enhance their skills, collaborate and showcase their work to reach a global audience. Our aim is to facilitate capacity building that will see 200 trained illustrators and animators move on to establish 5 comic book production houses and 3 animation studios.

Content creators in comic books have been growing from comic strips in the daily newspapers to works of art arranged in more elaborate story arcs. Many more are still interested in getting into the field.

There are several artists and writers who would like to put their stories out and, in the process, earn a decent living from it. The biggest impediment to this is lack of resources for the creators to fund their projects as well distribution for the work done.

Considering this, NAICCON has entered a partnership with Longhorn Publishers that will see one lucky comic book get support and distribution to see the story come to life, in a addition to the Ksh. 50,000 cash prize.

According to Everline Nyanumba, Editorial Co-ordinator at Longhorn Publishers PLC, “I am really excited to be part of the team behind this one-of-a-kind Longhorn-NAICCON Comic Book Competition. Letting the public know that the comic book is just the beginning; the vision is great, and we do not intend to rest until we bring our versions of Disney or Nickelodeon to Africa, not by copying but by creating our own comic shows rooted in our African identity and showing the world that we too are giants in matters technology and innovation.

We hope to inspire the African child (and the adult in equal measure) that there is more beyond the sky if only you fly above it. To the Kenyan Comic Creatives, seize this opportunity and mint edutaining visual creations greater than life yet allowing us to see ourselves in them, with all our human flaws. May the best creative win

More details on the competition as well as the submission guidelines can be found HERE as well as

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